Thanks to the following students
who were kind enough to ask me to direct their theses :

Sandrine Laguerre, Comparaison de différentes méthodes d'analyse des mesures répétées, Université Pierre et Marie Curie Institut de Statistique, 1997.

Paul Becker, The Environmental Impact of Background Fluoride in Drinking Water on Public Health: The Effect on Fluorosis, University of Liverpool, 2009.

Oluseye B. Babatunde, Socio-demographics, Clinical Features and Sexual Behaviour of Attendees of a Sexually Transmitted Infection Clinic in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, University of Liverpool, 2010.

Ute Papkalla, Patterning chronic diseases from applications for disability classification in two German districts, University of Liverpool, 2010.

Jamal Yazdi, A survey of Lebanese high school students' preferences with regards to pursuing studies or a career in a health-related field, University of Liverpool, 2010.

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