Welcome to my CV - I hope you find it interesting
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If you're just interested in the traditional, straight-laced CV, here it is:

I have finally decided what I want to be when I grow up: Retired!

The event will occur on the 30th of June!

During my 21 years of activity at Germinal, my activities have been in two different areas:

Consultant/mediator, and
Pharmaceutical Biostatistician

But, what does a biostatistician do? Follow this link to find out !!

Seriously, my major activity at Germinal Knowledge was consulting, but the range of projects has gone from high-level leadership and communication to mediation and conflict management to biostatistics.

It seems that when one of my two activities decreases, the other increases. It's good for business, I suppose, but sometimes it feels a bit schizophrenic...

Anyway, here are some of the major topics in my CV. Happy reading!

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And here is the sordid story of my past as a mathematician, statistician and pharmaceutical person.

It occurs to me that some folks would like to see my publications, so here they are.

My «Rôle Model » Super Dupont

Vivre la France! Vivre la démocratie!!